The ICE implant is a moderately tapered implant, suitable for a wide range of clinical cases and
enables improved bone preservation & controlled bone penetration.

Implant-Abutment Connections:
Internal Hex (IH)

ICE at a glance

High primary Stability
Controlled bone penetration
Increased surface area & BIC
Good primary stability
Reduced marginal bone loss
Improved stress distribution
Supports wide range of clinical cases

Implant Dimensions

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What our customers say about us.

“With Alpha-Bio-Tec’s I.C.E. implant, I can work comfortably and with ease, where clinical cases have resulted in high success rates, and optimized patient care.”

“I’ve been using I.C.E. implants for 10+ years, and with thousands of immediate loading cases, even in one-step procedures, the clinical results cannot be matched!.”

“The I.C.E. implant enables excellent initial stability and osseointegration in immediate loading, without causing excessive pressure on the implant neck area..”