The DFI implant is one of Alpha-Bio Tec.'s Legacy solutions. It is a cylindrical, slightly tapered implant suitable for all bone types & a variety of clinical indications. From a single tooth to full arch restoration, the DFI implant is easily stabilized & controlled during placement & enables you to achieve long term stability, predictable esthetic results & high clinical success rates.

Implant-Abutment Connections:
Conical Standard (CS) | Internal Hex (IH)

DFI at a Glance

High primary Stability
30 years of proven primary stability
Increased surface area & BIC
Controlled & smooth insertion
Reduced marginal bone loss
Large surface area
Slightly tapered

Implant Dimensions

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What our customers say about us.

“Using the DFI for 15+ years, in patient follow-up, we’ve seen its performance – high primary stability, and no bone resorption or biomechanical complications.”

“The DFI provides maximum surface area while still remaining passive, and because it’s gentle to the bone, it results in minimal bone loss during implant placement.”

“I use the DFI for cases with hard bone, where its variable threads design enables smooth and seamless insertion with diminished frictional heat.”